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Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


Application And Process

ABUCKS INC offers semi automatic capsule filling machine with single loader and double loader model this machine is high speed, accurate filling, low maintenance and requires a single operator. The body of machine is made of 304 grade stainless steel and all contact parts made from 316 grade stainless steel. This machines are suitable for filling capsules of all sizes with powders, pellets or granules. machines is skillfully designed and PLC controlled to meet the production demands with outstanding functional and mechanical features to fulfill the production requirements. It has automatic drug hopper in feed mechanism which eliminates weight variation and automatic declutching of loader when loading rings are filled, the locking of capsule is done much faster by the new enclosed below deck closure mechanism.

Salient Features

  • Production output of approx. 35000 to 45000 capsules per hours can be obtained.
  • PLC controlled with touch screen indicating all operation like filling speed, accurate dosage and auto capsule closing system.
  • Suitable for filling all sizes of capsules.
  • Safe and easy operation with single operator.
  • Online capsule polishing and sorting automatic empty capsule separation
  • Choice of four auger speeds enables the machine for different type of powder from highly hygroscopic to the free flowing.
  • Automatic capsule closing system utilizes electronic sensor which activates pneumatic cylinder to ensure faster and safe closure with auto ejection of filled capsule.
  • Large De-dusting screen on the ejection chute provides easy separation of powder attached to the filled capsule.

Technical Specification

Production Approx. 35000 cap/hrs Approx. 35000 cap/hrs
Loading ring Magnesium alloy Magnesium alloy


Auger drive 1.5 HP,440V,3 Phase/50Hz 1.5 HP,440V,3 Phase/50Hz
Loader drive 0.25 HP,440V,3 Phase/50Hz 0.25 HP,440V,3 Phase/50Hz
Filler drive 0.5 HP,440V,3 Phase/50Hz 0.5 HP,440V,3 Phase/50Hz
Vacuum pump 3 HP oil type 3 HP oil type
Vacuum 500mm(20)of hg at 1000ltr / min 500mm(20)of hg at 1000ltr / min
Compressed 30 (cfm) 30 (cfm)
Air 8 (cfm) 8 (cfm)
Dimension L-1600 mm, w-1300 mm, H-1600 mm Approx. L-1600 mm, w-1300 mm, H-1600 mm Approx.
Weight 1000 kg approx. 1250 kg approx.
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PLEASE NOTE: The information given herein is correct but ABUCKS INC, with their policy of continuous improvement of products has rights to change given specifications and model without prior information. For latest technical specification and any changes customers are advice to contact ABUCKS INC head office.

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