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Pallet Stretch Wrapper


Application And Process

Stretch wrapping packaging has various application in pharmaceutical, printing and food industry. Stretch wrapping keeps the packed cartons free from dust, moisture and damage its suitable for quick transportation and storing and can pack variety of shapes sizes without change parts and its very cost effective packaging.

Technical Specification

Electric power 230v / 50hz / 1kw
Turn plate speed 0 – 12 rpm
Turn plate diameter 1500 mm
Pillar height 2400 mm
Max height of palette 2000 mm
Film type LDPE / LDPE stretch film
Film internal core 50 mm - 76 mm
Film external core </=250 mm
Film height 100 mm - 500 mm
Film thickness 17 - 25 microns
Film stretchability 100% to 300%
Product weight 75 kg approx.
Wrapping height 500 mm to 650 mm
Diagonal wrapping Upto 900 mm
Mode of film output Pre-stretch with mechanical and power system
Air pressure 6 cfm
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PLEASE NOTE: The information given herein is correct but ABUCKS INC, with their policy of continuous improvement of products has rights to change given specifications and model without prior information. For latest technical specification and any changes customers are advice to contact ABUCKS INC head office.

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